Thursday, July 10, 2008

Advantage Training

Warning:Marketing content below! I strive to provide mostly technical content in this blog, but this post is purely trying to let you know about a training opportunity. It's technical training, so I hope you will let this slide... :)

I can tell from my web and RSS stats that I have picked up quite a few Visual FoxPro readers. The Getting Started with Visual Foxpro and Advantage post remains one of my most popular. If you are interested in learning more about Advantage, our Advantage Technical Summit would be the absolute best place to start. We provide the training and meals, you only have to pay for airfare and hotel.

Our trainings in Boise not only provide an opportunity to attend classes, but you also get to mingle with other Advantage users. Listening to their success stories, tips and tricks can often prove invaluable. In addition, you have full access to our support and engineering staff who are always happy to answer questions, sit down and debug code, help write some new code, etc.

The next training is September 10th and 11th. Check out the schedule here, and register here. We can always schedule one-on-one sessions if you have specific questions or problems.

If you can't attend this training be sure to stop by our booth at Southwest Fox 2008 October 16-19.

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