Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Tomorrow

I started at Extended Systems in the fall of 1995 during my second year of college. I was immediately placed on a team with incredibly smart people working on fun products. That trend has continued for the past 16 years and I have had a wonderful time. Great coworkers, cool customers and constantly changing technologies have kept things interesting for a very long time.

I’m also excited to take on some new challenges and with that in mind I have accepted a position at a local startup and will be saying goodbye to my friends at ESI/Sybase soon.

While the last few years I have been the public face of Advantage via blog posts and screencasts, this product is much bigger than one person and is in great hands. The development team is strong and works with an equally experienced sales, support and marketing team. I know Advantage will continue to thrive.  

I still plan to continue writing, however the content will likely shift a bit towards different software technologies. I look forward to continuing our conversations and friendships.


Fred Ahrens said...

Hi JD!

It's hard to explain. But knowing that you will leave Sybase is also a signal to us that we will stop using ADS. Many things have been changed after ADS became a part of Sybase/SAP. Many years ago, while ADS was still at Extended Systems, contacting the support or any other person at Extended System happened on an eye to eye level. After many years later we became just "customers" (or to be more precise: we feel like just being a number in an Excel sheet).

After all the things you did share with us I'm confident that you made the right decision. Maybe (in fact I'm sure) it was a necessary decision.

I wish you all the best for your future. And all the best for your family.

BTW: Please re-activate your G+ account ... ;)

Fred (ZeeBORN)

J.D. Mullin said...

Hi Fred,

We've come to Europe and both coasts of the U.S. just in the last 6 months alone in order to visit with everyone "eye to eye". We are also hosting yet another free training in Boise in September. We reversed the tech support policy a couple of years ago to include direct contact again.

All examples of Sybase not thinking you are "just customers". I hope you will reconsider your decision. ADS is a solid enough foundation that one person making a personal career decision shouldn't affect your applications.

Either way we can continue the conversation via email if you'd like. No more G+ for me, you know where to find me on Twitter. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well good luck to you in whatever you do :-) Your blog has been interesting

We also are about to jump from ADS after 11-12 years mainly because the cost of upgrading the end customer is now prohibitive and that is after the Sybase pricing changes. I will miss those weird chocolates or Birch seeds which the German support team send out each christmas though


Kim Jensen said...

Hello JD,
I'm sorry to hear you are leaving, I have always enjoyed you company at the training sessions in Idaho and beyond. What is going to happen with the Advantage Web API? I was hoping it would be ready now and it would work with Flex.
Hope you like your new job and the new challenges that come with it.
Good luck,
Kim Jensen

J.D. Mullin said...

Thanks Kim,

The team is still working on the web api. Contact your sales person or Mike Hageman to get an update on their progress.

It was always fun seeing you at training as well and I will certainly miss that. If you attend the Boise training in the future be sure to let me know where you guys go after dinner and I'll try to stop by. :)

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