Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting Started with iOS Development and Advantage

The Advantage Web API makes it easy to expose your Advantage databases via the oData protocol. The oData protocol includes a variety of clients, including an Objective-C client for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc.).

I’ve posted an introduction to using the Objective-C oData client with Advantage. This 20 minute video shows how to download the client, configure a new XCode project, and display the contents of a table. You can stream the presentation (or right-click and download) here.

While this presentation is targeted towards Advantage developers getting started with iOS development, aside from the first 3 minutes the rest of the presentation is provider agnostic and applies to all oData services, not just those provided by the Advantage Database Server.

Update: If you’d like to use SSL, I’ve submitted a patch to the oData client you can download and use (as opposed to disabling SSL in the web api conf file). The patch provides a new switch for odatagen (/trustServer=1) and a new trustServer parameter when initializing your WindowsCredential object:

WindowsCredential *cred = 
  [[WindowsCredential alloc] initWithUserName:@"adssys" password:@"" trustServer:true];

See http://odataobjc.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/patches



Anonymous said...

Great Video ... It was a life saver.

NOTE: odatagen relies on external files that exist in the src/odatagen directory. If your build path is not src/odatagen/build/... then odata will not work.

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