Thursday, October 15, 2009

Advantage Delphi Components

I’m currently in Delphi modifying and improving some of the Advantage property editors (the dialogs that help you read and set property values in the Object Inspector).

If you have ideas for improvements, or if there are things that drive you crazy, post a comment to this post and I’ll see what I can do.


MallikharjunaRao said...


This is Mallikarjuna Rao from India. I am working as programmer in delphi with Advantage Database.

Generally when we assign Advantage database table component to DBGrid...The record is automatically posting to table when we the fill grid...I would like a property like updatetable...If we call that updatetable then only it should post to table otherwise it don't have post in table...This is one of my suggestion to do for Advantage components.


Anonymous said...

I would like a way to permanently alter the property defaults of TAdsTable and TadsQuery, Respect when counting, sequence ect. And it should be respected by upgrades.

Adsconnect can not change the connection path when connection is live. instead of a message telling me this I would like a dialog box giving me the options
"Change Path", Close connection change path reopen connection
"Don't change path", Current behaviour
"Save new path to clipboard" Save path to clipboard for future use

Bob Pointon

J.D. Mullin said...

Hi Bob, thanks for the comments. For your first issue, the best way to do this in Delphi is to create your own descendants. Just use the Delphi IDE to create a new component, select TAdsTable as the component to descend from. Then override the constructor and set any defaults that you want. This approach will work when upgrading ADS components too.

Anonymous said...

What about the same process for xharbour users. Because this occurrs in the same way. Open Conection1 then open connection2 close connection 2, but connection 1 path are not set as default connection.


Anonymous said...

It will be nice to have a new method "RefreshRecord" that will refresh the current record and not the whole dataset

Anonymous said...

My biggest issue with Advatange Database (in fact all databases) is that null is not a value. When appending a record I would like boolean fields set to FALSE and numeric values set to zero. Have you read "Database in Depth" by C.J.Date ? I have been using Advantage since the early 90's. and I think that developers who are not using this product are one sandwich short of a picnic.
Alistair McColl - Azul Software.

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