Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Advantage CHM Help File

The next Advantage 9.1 service update will include a CHM help file to replace the WinHelp files we are currently shipping. If you would like to try it out early, you can download a copy from

In the past we only installed the help files for the client kits and products you where using. While this kept the installations smaller, it would often hide the fact that other clients existed and had functionality you might be interested in. This new help file is an “all-in-one” help file that contains ALL Advantage documentation, and is still a relatively small help file (roughly 7MB).

This CHM help file will work in Windows Vista and Windows 7 without the buggy WinHelp plugin that was required in the past. Note if you want to view a CHM file stored on a network drive you will need to download and run this utility from EC Software.

Our new help file is built using Help & Manual from EC Software. So far it has been a great tool. I really like having access to the raw XML files the help is built from. In the event I need to manipulate the content and H&M doesn’t have the functionality I need, I can quickly write a Ruby or Perl script to zip through the help files and make my changes.

If you encounter any problems with the help file or notice any formatting errors please use the feedback email button to send us bug reports.