Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Advantage Data Architect Update

An update to the Advantage Data Architect (ARC) has been posted to the DevZone today.

These recent releases include a fix allowing ARC to be run from a remote desktop connection without the need to modify the ads.ini file. You will no longer receive 5185 (AE_LOCAL_CONN_RESTRICTED) errors when using local server ARC connections from a remote desktop session.

Also, the changes to the Remote Management Utility I mentioned in this post in March are included in this update. You can now rearrange columns, sort and filter. You can also multi-select users to disconnect, and we added the option to disconnect users to the "Open Files" tab so you can see all users with a particular file open and disconnect all of them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Advantage Data Architect Crashes

I upgraded some third party components we use for the release, and they seem to be causing more problems than they are fixing. Please keep sending in crash reports, just in case they are issues we are not already aware of.

I'm hoping to have a fix released this week.

Update: ARC was posted on June 3rd to fix these issues.