Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Search All Things Advantage from Visual Studio

After watching this post on the DevExpress blog, I thought it would be cool to do the same thing and search all of the Advantage documentation quickly from inside the Visual Studio IDE.

Follow the same steps Mehul used in his post, just use the following for your macro definition in place of the DevExpress search:

Sub DevZoneSearch()

DTE.ExecuteCommand("View.URL", "" + _

DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.Text + "&tab=-1")

End Sub


Now you can highlight any Advantage property or class name in the editor and run this macro to quickly pull up all help file documentation, knowledge base articles, newsgroup posts, service updates, tech tips and screencasts that match your search term.


Raoul said...

Hi JD:

Usefulll post! Didn't know you ADS guys are that much into VS and DevExpress.

Did you guys there ever take a look at the DevExpress implementation of XPO for ADS?


J.D. Mullin said...

Hi Raoul,

Absolutely into VS and other dev environments. I have personally never investigated XPO. Do you use it? I'm a fairly big DevExpress fan, but for now in VS I usually just use simple table-to-object mappings that I can serialize and deserialize myself with no ORM.

Raoul said...

Hi JD:

Yeah I use it but we had to make a lot of adjustments to the ADS implementation. It's based on the 7.1 ADS assembly, and has some strange things like the connection being hardcoded to LOCAL, no support for users and all fields with decimals changed to *1000.

But once you get it up and running it's a great tool. The whole DB is created automaticly, with RI objects and all. And I dont know why but grids load a lot faster with XPO than using the standard queries and fill commands. Grids with 10.000 records being updated autmaticly when you edit a record within the same session. Support for upcasting, etc.

If you want a copy the changes we did just drop me a line.


J.D. Mullin said...

Thanks. From what I can tell from a quick exchange with Mehul and by searching the DevExpress Support Center for "Advantage xpo" it looks like they have been making improvements and maintaining it. I'll try to make some time to evaluate it with ADS 9.1.

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