Thursday, March 12, 2009

Encrypting Visual FoxPro Tables

This screencast (just over 10 minutes) is a continuation of my series explaining how to extend the life of your Visual FoxPro DBF tables using Advantage. In this screencast I show unencrypted data from DBF tables being transferred over the wire. I then create a data dictionary, reference the tables from that dictionary, and encrypt the tables and all database communications. The only change necessary for the client application is the need to provide credentials when connecting to the database.

Additional notes about Advantage encryption can be found in the online help file topics Advantage Encryption and The Advantage Data Dictionary.

If you have not watched the initial screencasts in this series, I've included the viewing order below. The topics stand on their own fairly well, but may be more meaningful if watched in order.

  1. Getting Started With Visual FoxPro and Advantage
  2. Use Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio - and Share Your Existing DBF Tables 
  3. Using Tables Over 2GB in Visual FoxPro
  4. Hiding DBF Tables

Watch the screencast directly

Download the screencast (open fox_encryption.html after unzipping): 40MB


Anonymous said...

Can you provide 'download screencast' links for the first two Fox-related screencasts?

J.D. Mullin said...

Sure, I've updated the older posts to include a zip file download as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, JD.

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