Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advantage Data Architect Management Screen

I'm in changing the grids in the Remote Management Utility in ARC to use DevExpress grids instead of the ancient (think Delphi 2/3) TStringGrid objects.

You can now rearrange columns, sort and filter. You can also multi-select users to disconnect, and I added the option to disconnect users to the "Open Files" tab so you can see all users with a particular file open and disconnect all of them.

What other changes would you like to see while I'm familiar with this form?




Anonymous said...

Hi J.D.,
could you perhaps also integrate a horizontal scrollbar in the grid and avoid to cut or shorten the data in column "Open Tables" in the future ?
We have the problem, that our paths (we use free tables) are rather long and when the length exceeds a certain size the name cannot be fully displayed any more.
Somewhere in the middle there are 3 dots (and in this place there are missing some characters) and at the end the final "T" (from table extension "ADT") is also missing.
So we have the problem, that we cannot distinguish similar paths anymore (depending on which position the differences are located).
Would be really fine if you could change this.
Thanks in advance,

J.D. Mullin said...

Hi Steve,

No problem. I added a new column to that table that just includes the base filename (no path), plus I added column hints, so if a column's data is larger than the column, when you hover the mouse over it you see the full contents in a hint popup.

Anonymous said...

Hello J.D.

i would like to see the affecting Memory in kByte and MByte

Thank's Matthias Schlegel

Anonymous said...

Hello J.D.

i would like to see a label with the
information >STRG F9< for debug information.

Matthias SChlegel

Tom A said...

Hi JD,

Sounds great!

Could you also include the possibility to sort by what database the users are connected to? (I realize that this is somewhat supported by the open files tab but it would be nice in the connections tab as well)


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