Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hiding Tables

In this screencast (10 minutes) I follow up on my previous screencast where I converted a Visual FoxPro application to use Advantage in order to access DBF tables over 2GB.

While this screencast uses a FoxPro test application and DBF tables, it is not specific to those technologies. The same technique can be used with any Advantage client and any development environment. The technique applies to our proprietary ADT tables as well.

This time around we will modify OS file permissions and hide the DBF tables from all users. In addition, we will configure a server-side alias, which allows us to hide the path to the physical data files.

One important point I failed to mention in the screencast is that a server-side alias also allows us to close all file shares on the server machine. This is extremely important for security purposes. With this setup, you don't have any file shares exposed on your server, but can still access your tables via your Advantage connection from the client. In the case of a Visual FoxPro application, you would just put the DBC files on the client, and hide the data tables on the server.

We're not finished securing our tables, however. In my next screencast, I will show how easy it is to encrypt our tables, indexes and memo files.

Watch the screencast directly or download it (open the html file after unzipping).

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