Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Delphi Keyboard Shortcuts

In the Advanced Delphi class I often teach at our Advantage training events I spend some time at the end of the session discussing keyboard shortcuts. Usually at least half of the class learns a useful shortcut they were not aware of, and they also often tell me about a shortcut I did not know about.

Today while reading a blog post from Nick I stumbled on a Delphi shortcut I imagine a majority of my readers already know, but hopefully you are not in that majority as this post will mean a lot more to you that way!

I did not know you can use CTRL+SHIFT+UPARROW/DOWNARROW to quickly jump between a method declaration and its body.

I know how to accomplish this in other editors, but I did not know the Delphi editor could do this. Of course, I have never spent any time looking to see if there were shortcuts I was unaware of that could increase my productivity. I usually just settle into my normal habits and it's business as usual.

Here is a comprehensive list of Delphi IDE shortcuts. I hope you find one or two that will instantly increase your productivity.

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