Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Favorite FireFox Add-ons

Using a browser like Google Chrome reminds me how addicted I am to my FireFox add-ons. I use 15 or so, but these are by far my favorites:

Delicious Bookmarks

Can't go without having the same bookmarks on every PC, laptop and phone I use. The search and sidebar make this a must-have.

IE Tab

Love switching to IE inside Firefox when a web page won't display correctly. Even better are the filters I can set to have it switch automatically once I know a site doesn't render well in Firefox.

TinyUrl Creator

Right click on a link and automatically have a tinyurl created and on the clipboard ready for pasting.


Cool utility that lets you download all images from a web page in a batch. Good for backing up a web site you don't have file access to (like a Blogger blog), or for getting every little image that makes up some web menu or other construct you'd like to emulate.


The name pretty much says it all. Turns sites that bombard me with animated ads into static images my eyes and brain can comprehend.


I would imagine everyone has this already, but I'll mention it just in case. Great again for blocking sites with way too many animations.

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Carl Rempel said...

Thanks JD ... I particularly liked (and did not know about) "DownThemAll."

In the spirit of sharing, my all-time-personal-favorite is FireFTP (an excellent FTP client, as the name suggests). I can't imagine living without it. And it works equally well in Windows, Mac-OSX, Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux.


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