Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Need for Feeds

I'm an RSS addict. I love reading technical blogs, and I seriously think my thought processes and career would be on a different track if it were not for the great content I have been exposed to over the last few years of blog reading. Not only has it helped me solve technical issues, but it almost always provokes thoughts and ideas on how I can improve our product, our teamwork, and our development processes.

With that said, something scary has been happening lately; Google Reader has had very few new posts for me to read. A lot of this has to do with my addiction at home to firing up mobile Reader on my phone and catching up during college football timeouts and commercials.

The solution? I propose a trade. I'm going to list some of my favorites, in return for your comments with some feeds you read that I might like. I seriously used to consider this list a bit of a competitive edge and was weary of giving it out. I recently had a change of heart and realized that was fairly lame, so here is my complete list of software related feeds:


First the usual suspects:

Now a few you might not be aware of:

Software Business

ianywhere blogs

Web Development

FoxPro Blogs

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