Monday, August 4, 2008

API Documentation Searches with Firefox

I stumbled on something today that might be of use if you use Firefox and were not already aware of it.

I accidentally typed a Windows API name into the firefox destination edit box, instead of into my google toolbar edit box.

Normally I would expect the browser to either try to load "" or to perform a web search for "CreateFile". I was surprised when I was immediately greeted with the MSDN documentation for the CreateFile API. No intermediate search and an extra click on the search results, which is my usual routine.

That was pretty handy. So I tried a Delphi function (GetMem), and sure enough I was greeted with GetMem documentation from

This seems to work kind of like the Google "I feel lucky" search that pulls up the page with the highest rank. It's rather handy and much faster than waiting for the Microsoft document explorer to load and display help pages.

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Doug said...

OMG! Now THAT is a useful tip. I am on Firefox 3, but I just checked it in 2 and it works there. It would be interesting to see what it would take to tie into that so that my Advantage help would pop up. When I get some "spare time"....

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