Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ARC: Did You Know #1

Inspired by Sara Ford’s “Did You Know” series on Visual Studio, I thought it would be fun do do the same with Advantage. The majority of these will focus on the Advantage Data Architect (ARC), but I will sometimes cover other parts of the product as well.

Did you know that ARC can automatically generate INSERT statements for all rows in a table? The functionality is hidden in the "Tables To Code” form right now. In the future I hope to expose it via the existing export functionality or the automatic SQL generation you can access by right-clicking on any object in the Connection Repository.

For now, if you want a batch of INSERT statements generated for a table click on the Tools -> “Export Table Structures as Code” menu item.

Click on “Add Table(s)” and select one or more tables.

Choose SQL as the export type. When you do this, the “Include Existing Data” checkbox will become active. Check this box to generate not only the CREATE TABLE statement, but also an INSERT statement for every row in the table.

If the table is large, you can specify an output file, which will be more efficient than just having ARC build the output in memory and display it on the screen.

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synack said...

It would be nice if the data dictionary comparison tool included some of the information included in this tool. The table type comment especially.

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